British woman marries cat in London.

British woman marries cat


British woman marries cat in london. A British woman married her pet cat due to fear of separation. In Western society, pets are treated like children, but some people are so sensitive about pets that they take extreme measures out of fear of separation. According to international media, a similarContinue Reading

The world's oldest guerrilla

The world’s oldest guerrilla


The world’s oldest guerrilla is now 65 years old On his 65th birthday, Feto Guerrilla’s favorite rice cake has made and he ate it with gusto. Berlin: The world’s oldest guerrillas are currently living in the Berlin Zoo, which is celebrating its 65th anniversary. On her birthday, she was upContinue Reading

Indian youth slaughters 'girlfriend'

Indian youth slaughters ”girlfriend”


New Delhi: In Jharkhand the state of India, Indian youth slaughters his ”girlfriend” into pieces for not returning a gifted smartphone. According to media reports, the incident took place in the Kapoor district of Jharkhand where the alleged killer took his friend to the stadium under the pretext of watchingContinue Reading

A building like a giant eye

A building like a giant eye


Dubai: The building pictured above looks like a giant eye with white calligraphy on the white part. But in fact, it is the building of the “Mutafiq al-Mustaqbal” in the heart of Dubai, the “Museum of the Future”. There are different floors of this building like a giant eye whereContinue Reading