Anti-dengue meeting

Anti-dengue meeting

Faisalabad (April 04, 2022):

To clarify, In the Anti-dengue meeting,

Deputy Commissioner Ali Shehzad has

conduct that cases be set down against those responsible for

the breeding of dengue larvae so that a sense of the performance

of preventive measures is in them.

Moreover, He conducts District Emergency Response Committee.

After that, the meeting was in charge of over by

Extra Deputy Commissioner Headquarters Kashif Raza Awan.

In short, District Program Coordinator for Infectious Diseases

Dr. Zulqarnain briefed the meeting on protective activities.

The Deputy Commissioner reviewed the preventive measures.

He said that the Assistant Commissioner should hold two meetings

of the Tehsil Emergency Response Committee every week to

keep a vigil on the issues of protection of dengue larvae.

Anti-dengue meeting

Moreover, The Deputy Commissioner said that the district heads of

all the departments should fulfill their responsibilities

for the support of dengue and in the case of

carelessness they took responsibility.

But he directed us to hurry the inspection

activities in the field.

But he said that possible sources of breeding

of dengue, larvae should not allow.

In this regard, cemeteries, junkyards, plant nurseries,

and other sources were eyeballs.

After that, the Deputy Commissioner

said that all departments

should report their activities through Phones.

Anti-dengue meeting
Chief Executive Officer Faisalabad Waste Management Company

Faisalabad (April 04, 2022):

Firstly, Chief Executive Officer Faisalabad

Waste Management Company

Bilal Feroz Joya visited Model Bazaar Jhang Road and

Sir Syed Town to inspect the hygiene standards in Ramadan bazaars.

on the other hand GM Operations Muhammad Ijaz Bandisha and

Deputy Manager Operations Usman Mustafa was also present.

if not, parking stands, market entrances,

and stalls must tick with lime.

Vegetable and fruit sellers must be in need

of to use waste bins.

In short, Waste workers should make sour

that food wrappers are in the bazaar.

He also asked some citizens about

the standard of cleanliness and

added that the citizens should also

cooperate with the FWMC

in maintaining the cleanliness of Ramadan bazaars.

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