Wheat smuggling attempt fails in Faisalabad

Wheat smuggling attempt fails in Faisalabad

Wheat smuggling attempt fails in Faisalabad During the wheat procurement drive in Faisalabad division, in the last one week,

the teams took action and humbled the smuggling attempt by seizing 1906 metric tons of wheat

and transferring it to the attainment centers while registering cases against 7 persons for illegal transportation.

But, this is breef at a review meeting chaired by Divisional Commissioner Zahid Hussain on the application of the wheat attainment activity.

Mahmood and a representative officer of Punjab Police were also present.

driving to make transparency in all respects, he said that complete record of distribution

of bardana and procurement of wheat should be mutual.

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He said that in the purchase of wheat necessary steps taken to

achieve the target of 100%. He said that regular progress meeting on

application of the campaign must be organise regularly.

The target for attainment of wheat fixed for which 40 procurement

centers has set up across the division where transparent distribution and

attainment process of bardana is also underway.

Therefore, he said that Teams are working to prevent the movement of smuggled van declared stock at points.

Assistant Commissioner City Sahibzada Muhammad Yousuf visited Wheat Procurement Center

Set three and checked the distribution of bardana and wheat attainment record.

He also said that the wheat attainment drive was being made completely transparent.

He said that no one would be allowed to exploit the farmers and the inspection process would continue. ۔


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