Failings in love, killed 7 people

Failings in love, killed 7 people

Failings in love, killed 7 people an Indian man set fire to a residential building to teach a girl a lesson.

Seven people had killed in the blaze.

According to foreign media, the shocking incident of burning a residential building took place in Bareilly area of ​​Indore, India.

Firstly, Police arrested the accused who set the building on fire.

Accused Shabham allegedly confessed to the crime in police custody and said that

he took this step to teach a lesson to a girl but he only wanted to set fire to the girl’s car (Scooty).
Police thought the fire was the result of a shot circuit,

but CCTV footage changed the course of the investigation,

in which the accused has seen removing petrol from the girl’s scooter and setting it on fire.

Therefore., the fire engulfed vehicles parked in the parking lot and spread throughout the building, killing seven residents and injuring nine others.

Police have registered a case against the accused under sections 302, 307 and 436 of

the Indian Penal Code for murder, attempted murder and burning of houses

But Police say Sabham is a resident of Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, a final year student of

Bhopal Engineering College and loved the girl but was angry when his

marriage has arranged elsewhere and set fire to the building in anger.

According to the report, Failings in love, killed 7 people the accused was constantly making

phone calls and harassing the girl on the day of the accident.

After being blocked by the girl on her mobile phone, Shabham got angry and took extreme

measures to teach the girl a lesson which took the lives of many innocent people.

The incident of burning down a residential building to teach a lesson to a girl has shaken the city.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other members of the government are also saddened by the incident.


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