The world’s oldest guerrilla

The world's oldest guerrilla

The world’s oldest guerrilla is now 65 years old

On his 65th birthday, Feto Guerrilla’s favorite rice cake has made and he ate it with gusto.

Berlin: The world’s oldest guerrillas are currently living in the Berlin Zoo, which is celebrating its 65th anniversary.

On her birthday, she was up to here her favorite rice cake.

On this occasion, the zoo management released a photo with the cake on their Instagram post, calling it the world’s oldest female guerrilla.

The zoo administration wrote with a picture of the guerrilla, “Birthday food has always been important for the feto’s,

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and this time the number 65 of the year has written on the cake with berries and fruits.”

The female guerrilla liked the cake and ate it with gusto.
Feto was brought in her childhood to the Berlin Zoo in 1959 when the female guerrilla is kids of two years old.

However, the story of Feto’s arrival in Germany is also very lovely.

He has brought to Germany by a ship from the French island of Marseilles.

The specialist staff here took great care of the female guerrilla as she was only two years old.

When Guerrilla Trudeau, born in 1956, died in 2019, Feto was named the world’s oldest

female guerrilla by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest living guerrilla.

Interestingly, guerrillas live an average of 50 years in captivity, but Fato has now crossed the 65 mark.


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