Russia bans British Prime Minister

Russia bans British Prime Minister

MOSCOW: Russia bans British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and several senior government officials from entering Russia.

According to the international news papers, after the raid of Ukraine,

Britain had imposed economic and financial fait on Russia,

in response to which Russia has also imposed fait on Britain.

a statement from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office stated that

“Britain is out to wrong information and wrong political agenda in

an attempt to serve Russia from the rest of the world. Russia bans British Prime Minister .
It may be recalled that on April 9, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Ukraine and,

along with President Volodymyr Zelensky, visited the streets of Ukraine and met with the people.

Russia fired upon Ukraine in late February, even with pressure from international powers,

as well as the United States, and has reportedly bound war crimes.

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Mass graves have also been found in towns in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv.

But, The Ukrainian president has also demanded that world powers provide

weapons and equipment to counter the Russian military. And also promise to fulfill all the requirements what they need this meeting in favor of Ukraine and the Prime minister of Ukraine happy to see the British Prime Minister.

In conclusion, that why the russia against the British government. In my opinion russia do wrong with Ukraine and they want in this situation no body help them from any country.

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